Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 9th Standard
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Answer in Brief. What Opportunities Develop with Development of Tourism? - Geography and Economics

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Answer in Brief

Answer in brief.

What opportunities develop with development of tourism?

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There are wide varieties of opportunity that help through the development of tourism. Some of them are:

• Employment

When there is an increase in tourism, a number of employment opportunities will be created. Because of the increase in tourism promotion, there will be an increase in the restaurants, hotels, and many other shops which will earn a profit. Due to the increase in the shops and many other resources, there will be an increase in employment opportunity.

• Income generation

Tourism will promote the small-scale industry. When the tourists visit the places, and they buy the commodities of handicraft industries which is available only in specific places. This will result in income generation.

• Promotes the overall national income

Tourism will increase the foreign currency to the country. When there is an advancement in employment in the economy then simultaneously the income will be generated, and the economy will rise.

• Exchange of ideas

The exchange of idea from one country to another takes place when their visit from travellers. It leads to the development of the thought process in the country.

Concept: Importance of Tourism Development in India
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