Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 8th Standard
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Answer in Brief. What Are the Problems in Areas of High Population Densities? - Geography

Answer in Brief

Answer in brief.

What are the problems in areas of high population densities? 

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Population density is the number of people per square kilometre. It is calculated as the number of people per unit area. India is one of the densely populated countries in the world. The problem due to high population density are:

• Lack of open space

High population makes very difficult to get a free space for a new habitat. There will be no rooms or houses or land left for the people.

• Pollution

Pollution is the main social problem faced due to the areas which have high population densities. There will be an increase in land degradation by building houses and flats which makes land pollution, water contamination by a huge volume of people makes water pollution, and massive usage of vehicles will contribute to air pollution.

• Lacks storage of water facility

These areas will lack the storage facility for water because of high density. The higher population needs more amount of water and storage capacity which lacks in these areas.

• Overcrowded

The areas with high population are overcrowded which makes the atmosphere polluted and lacks peacefulness. The environment gets damaged due to the over crowdedness.

Concept: Distribution of Population
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Balbharati Geography 8th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 7 Population
Exercise | Q 3 | Page 51
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