Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 9th Standard
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Answer in Brief. Suggest Measures After Explaining the Problems Arising at the Tourist Places. - Geography and Economics

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Answer in Brief

Answer in brief.

Suggest measures after explaining the problems arising at the tourist places.

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Tourism has witnessed a remarkable transformation into a many-sided economic and social activity. Tourism has now grown to such extent and importance that it has become the prime industry in the world. The tourist places may experience problems relating to various factors such as pollution, safety, and security, etc.

• Pollution

Pollution is the main problem that is faced by the tourist places. The places which attract many of the tourists will also increase the pollution factors such as plastic waste, contamination in the water, etc.

• Disturbance to the animals

When there is an attraction of tourist towards the places such as national park and wildlife sanctuary all the animals in the places gets disturbed due to human interference. These noises may make the wild animals less sensitive towards catching their prey, thus makes huge losses in the biodiversity.

• Monuments and equipment

Monuments and equipment of old age also attract many of the tourists. Because of the constant hand touch and the increase in temperature due to a large number of tourists, there can be serious damage. If any of the tourists unknowingly break or damage things, then the equipment will be lost and that things cannot be recreated.

• Change in the culture

Tourism promotion will help in exchanging the culture and heritage, but when there is an exchange in the culture, the culture which is practiced for thousands of years gets destroyed. When the culture of the country is damaged and destroyed, and there will be forced adoption of foreign culture in our society.

Suggestions for the problems faced by the tourist places

• Awareness

The tourists must be given awareness about the pollution that is happening around the places they visit. There must be sufficient dustbins in the tourist spots, so that waste will not be thrown here and there.

• Visiting the parks without the noise

Make aware of the loss of biodiversity due to the noise that is created by the tourists and ensures they enjoy the environment without noise.

• Preserving the old equipment

The equipment must be preserved and should not allow touching by the tourists. If they are preserved, it will also attract some more tourists towards the tourist spot.

Concept: Types of Tourism
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