Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 9th Standard
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Answer in Brief. Local People Get Employment Due to Tourism. Give Reasons - Geography and Economics

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Answer in Brief

Answer in brief.

Local people get employment due to tourism. Give reasons?

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The travel and tourism industry is one of the most active industries in today’s global world. It is expected to create about 9% of total GDP and provide more than 235 million jobs in 2010. It will also increase the self-employment opportunities of the local people in the country. Some of the employment in which local people get involved due to tourism is:

• Restaurants

The tourist who is visiting the spot will be in need of food and shelter. The local people can get involved in making new restaurants and hotel for the stay for the tourists. This is one of major employment opportunity due to tourism in the country. The restaurants can employ some more people from the local area for cooking and maintenance.

• Guide

Guiding the tourists is one of the most important employment for the local people. Foreigners who are visiting the local areas need a guide for visiting all the areas efficiently. So, tourist guide is the best employment opportunity for the local people who are expert in all the local areas.

• Construction work

Construction work involved in building restaurants, hotels, and tourist spots makes employment opportunity for the construction labourers.

Concept: Types of Tourism
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