Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 9th Standard
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Answer in Brief. Explain with Reason the Places of Interest that Can Be Developed as Tourist Centres in Your District. - Geography and Economics

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Answer in Brief

Answer in brief.

Explain with reason the places of interest that can be developed as tourist centres in your district.

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Maharashtra is the second city that is mostly visited by foreigners in India, and it is the fourth city that is most visited in the country. Aurangabad is considered as tourism capital of Maharashtra. All the places in Maharashtra are well developed for the tourist spots, but even then there are some places which are hidden and also can be developed as the most beautiful tourist destinations. Some of such places are being discussed below:

• Pandavkada Falls

Without a doubt, it is one of the best attraction. But the tourism promotion and way to visit the Pandavkada falls is worse. So the promotion of the tourist spot and building the best road facility to the falls will attract a large number of tourist to the Pandavkada Falls.

• Seweri Mangrove Park

This thrilling place seems to exist in spite of the oil spills and the mudflats, but for how long it’s hard to say. It is in a condition to vanish quickly, so it must be given extra care. Tourism must be promoted by the government in this area. Many birds can be seen in this park. Occasionally the rare bird Flamingo can also be seen.

There are many more places which are un-noticed and also are not being given much importance. If these places are also given importance, Maharashtra can even become the first state in India that is mostly visited by foreigners.

Concept: Importance of Tourism Development in India
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