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Answer in Brief. Explain the Functions of the Election Commission. - History and Political Science

Answer in Brief

Answer in brief. 
Explain the functions of the Election Commission. 

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The functions of the Election Commission are as follows:

1. Prepare voters list

It is responsible to preparing a list of eligible voters and updating existing voter’s list. It has the sole authority to issue voter identity cards.

2. Formulate the timetable and programme of elections.

It is responsible for conducting free and fair elections and decides when to conduct elections and how to conduct elections in every state.

3. Scrutinize candidate applications.

Every candidate, affiliated to a party or standing independent, has to fill an application with the election commission giving information about oneself. The commission then scrutinizes all the applications and allows the eligible candidates to contest.

4. Recognize political parties.

All political parties are required to be recognized by the Election commission. The commission has the right to derecognize a party as well. It is also responsible for allotting election symbols to the political parties.

5. Resolve disputes relating to elections.

The commission is responsible for resolution of any dispute arising regarding elections. It can accordingly declare any candidate disqualified and call for re-election in a constituency.

Concept: Functions of Election Commission - Decide the Timetable and the Programme of Elections
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