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Explain the environmental effects of tourism. - Geography

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Explain the environmental effects of tourism.



The quality of the environment, both natural and man-made, is essential to tourism. Still, tourism's connection with the environment is complex. It involves many actions which will have adverse effects on the environment.

Tourism has the potential to generate advantageous effects on the environment by contributing to environmental protection and conservation. When there is a respectable environment, it will attract a number of tourists mainly for ecotourism. The natural sanctuaries, parks, zoos, and forests are best environmental hotspots for the tourist places. For tourism promotion, economic investment will take place in the setting up locations and improving the sanctuaries and national parks.

There are a lot of adverse effects due to higher levels of tourism. Some of them are:

• Pollution: Pollution is the main problem in all the activities. Tourism will make the environment degraded by people’s ignorance by throwing the plastics and other non-degradable in the environment.

• Increase in waste: The waste will pile up within a short time if the place is a highly concentrated tourist spot. The increase in waste must be disposed of properly, or else it creates the pollution.

• Disturbance to animals: When the tourists visit the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, then the animal in parks and sanctuaries gets disturbed.

Concept: Importance of Tourism Development in India
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Chapter 12: Tourism - Exercise [Page 94]



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