Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 9th Standard
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Answer in Brief. Differentiate Between Religious and Cultural Tourism. - Geography and Economics

Answer in Brief

Answer in brief.
Differentiate between religious and cultural tourism.

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Basis  Religious tourism.   Cultural tourism.
Meaning Religious tourism is also known as faith tourism, where individuals and group travel to different places for pilgrimage, worship or leisure purpose.  Cultural tourism is a type of tourism in which travellers engaged in religious culture. They intend to travel to study baout the culture , history of people and architechture.
Number of tourists  The purpose of travelling as a religious traveller is to worship the holy places, pilgrimage and to spend the leisure time.  Cultural tourism is done fro the purpose of studying new religious and their practices.
Example  Religious tourism will ttract less tourist than cultural tourism. because of restrictions imposed in many places.  Cultural tourism will attract many tourists.
  Char Dham, Ajmer Dargah  Goa Carnival
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