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Answer Any Two of the Following Questions in About 30‒40 Words: (A) How Does Kamala Das Try to Put Away the Thoughts of Her Ageing Mother? (B) Which is the Exotic Moment that the Poet Refers to in 'Keeping Quiet'? (C) What Are the Difficulties that Aunt Jennifer Faced in Her Life? - English Core

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Answer any two of the following questions in about 3040 words:
(a) How does Kamala Das try to put away the thoughts of her ageing mother?

(b) Which is the exotic moment that the poet refers to in 'Keeping Quiet'?

(c) What are the difficulties that aunt Jennifer faced in her life?

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(a) Troubled with the thoughts of her ageing mother, Kamala Das tries to console herself with the view outside the car that is full of youthful vim and vigour. She watches the trees ‘sprinting’ past her speeding car and the children, full of life and activity, running out of their houses to play.

(b) The author talks about the exotic moment when everyone keeps quiet and still. The moment will be extraordinarily tranquil, with no hustle bustle of the frenzy world. Although it may seem a little strange in the beginning, it will eventually bring us all together.

(c) Aunt Jennifer lived her life in accordance with the rules laid down by her husband. Her life was overburdened by the demands and duties of her married life. It lacked self-expression. Although old and weak, she had to face oppression by her husband.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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