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Answer Any Six of the Following Questions in 30‒40 Words: (A) Why Did Gandhiji Feel that Taking the Champaran Case to the Court Was Useless? (B) Why Did the Peddler Derive Pleasure from His Idea of the World as a Rattrap? - English Core

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Answer any six of the following questions in 3040 words:

(a) Why did Gandhiji feel that taking the Champaran case to the court was useless?

(b) Why did the peddler derive pleasure from his idea of the world as a rattrap?

(c) How is Mukesh different from the other bangle makers of Firozabad?

(d) What tempted Franz to stay away from school?

(e) Why did the maharaja ban tiger hunting in the state?

(f) How was the skunk's story different from the other stories narrated by Jack?

(g) Which words of her brother made a deep impression on Bama?

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(a) Gandhiji believed that the peasants were crushed and fear-stricken. He felt that taking the Champaran case to the court was useless as the actual relief for the peasants would come when they become free from fear.

(b) The peddler was amused by the idea of the world being a giant rattrap because he was never treated kindly by the world. So, he harboured hard feelings for it and loved ‘to think ill of it’ by comparing it to a giant rattrap.

(c) Mukesh is different from other bangle makers of Firozabad because he dares to dream. Unlike others who follow the family lineage of making bangles, he wants to be a motor mechanic and drive cars.

(d) Franz had not prepared for the test on participles. Moreover, the warm and pleasant weather, the chirping birds and sight of the Prussian soldiers were far more interesting to him than his attending the school.

(e) The Maharaja wanted to prove wrong the State astrologer's prediction that he would be killed by the hundredth tiger. Because of this, he restricted the hunting of tigers in all the tiger-rich forests of Pratibandapuram to himself.

(f) Usually, the stories told by Jack were taken well by Jo. But she was not satisfied with the ending of the skunk's story. She believed that the wizard should have hit back skunk's mommy and that the skunk should have kept smelling like roses. 

(g) While narrating what happened while returning home, Bama's elder brother told her that although people do not get to decide the family they are born into, they can outwit the indignities inflicted upon them if they are well read and successful. This left a deep impression on her.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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