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Answer Any Four Of the Following In 30 – 40 Words Each (A) What Precautions Were Taken for the Smooth Conduct of Evan'S O-level Examination ? - English Core

Answer any four of the following in 30 – 40 words each 

(a) What precautions were taken for the smooth conduct of Evan's O-Level examination ?

(b) How did Jo want the Roger Skunk story to end ?

(c) What makes human beings love life inspite of all the troubles they face?

(A Thing of Beauty)

(d) What is suggested by the phrase, 'massive weight of Uncle's wedding band' ?

(Aunt Jennifer's Tigers)

(e) How did Douglas remove his residual doubts about his fear of water ?

(Deep Water)

(f) Why did M. Hamel write 'Vive La France' on the blackboard ?

(The Last Lesson)
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(a) Fearing Evan's escape, the exam was conducted in the prison cell, which was installed with a microphone. The cell was fully checked by the staff who took away anything that could pose a threat. Moreover, the staff was put on high alert, doors and gates were locked and even the invigilator was frisked.

(b) Jo wanted the wizard to hit Roger Skunk’s mother on her head. She wanted the wizard to let Roger Skunk keep his new smell of roses and not change it back to the smell of a skunk.

(c) Human beings love life in spite of all the troubles they face because of the things of beauty in nature with which we are surrounded. The shape of beauty moves away the gloomy pall of our dark spirits. Nature makes us rise above the spite of our despondence and allows us to become attuned to the beauty of nature.

(d) The massive weight of Uncle’s wedding band refers to the oppressive marriage in which Aunt Jennifer was trapped. The marriage had subsumed her identity as an independent woman and reduced her to a constant role-playing of the dutiful wife, living her life in the shadow of her husband.

(e) Douglas removed his residual doubts by diving into the Warm Lake and swimming across to the other shore and back. He shouted with joy when he was able to achieve this feat and Gilbert Peak returned the echo. He had finally conquered his fear of water.

(f) M. Hamel wrote ‘Vive La France’ on the blackboard to ring out one last joyous call to the continuance of his mother tongue in spite of the impending German occupation of Alsace. 

Concept: Writing Skill
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