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Answer in 100-150 Words Why is Partition Viewed as an Extremely Significant Marker in South Asian History ? - History

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Answer in 100-150 Words

Why is Partition viewed as an extremely significant marker in South Asian history ? 

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The following reasons can be put forward for the given view :-

  • The partition of India had a unique nature. This partition was based on religions. The partition took place in the name of the communities. History has never witnessed such type of partition.
  • The partition marked a severe violence. Innumerable people were killed. People began to kill each other irrespective of their earlier relation. Earlier they lived with each other in harmony and peace but now started to kill each other. Government machinery failed to check this.
  • People faced a lot of problems. Their life became miserable. Their near and dear ones were killed. Many people were abducted.
  • People moved across the border. Most of the Muslims of India crossed over to Pakistan and almost all Hindus and Sikhs came to India from Pakistan. They were forced to start their life afresh.
  • People lost all their movable and immovable property all of a sudden. They became homeless and forced to live in refugee camps.
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NCERT Class 12 History - Themes in Indian History
Chapter 14 Understanding Partition: Politics, Memories, Experiences
Exercise | Q 5 | Page 403
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