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Anne Frank'S Statement, "What One Christian Does is His Own Responsbility, What One Jew Does Reflects on All Jews" Presents Not Only Hatred for the Jews but Also Their Pitiable Condition in the World. Comment. - English - Language and Literature

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Anne Frank's statement, "What one Christian does is his own responsibility, what one Jew does reflects on all Jews" presents not only hatred for the Jews but also their pitiable condition in the world. Comment.

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Anne Frank in her novel shows strong hostility for the antisemitism. Antisemitism is the discrimination and prejudice towards Jews. There are numerous instances of Anne Frank addressing the discrimination done with the Jewish people. 

Anne talks about how Jewish people were dehumanized not only by being identified as “lesser beings,” but also by being held to higher standards of conduct than other people. What for a non-Jewish person would be considered a mistake, for a Jewish person could be considered proof of a collective inferiority.
Anne felt bad about the situation where she was safe but her Jewish brothers and sisters were suffering. People who survived the holocaust were also sad and guilty to lose their family members. 

In her diary, Anne writes a list of things that are no longer permitted.
She mentions how their freedom was severely restricted by a series of anti-Jewish decrees. Jews were required to wear a yellow star. Jews were forbidden to use trams or ride in cars. They were required to do their shopping at a particular time. They were forbidden to attend theaters, movies or any other forms of entertainment.
Anne shows utmost resentment at the treatment of Jews and in this regard she compares Jews with Christians, who enjoy the liberty of doing what they want. On the contrary, every act of a Jew is strictly guided and checked.

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