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Analyse the Impact of 'Water Scarcity.' - Social Science

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Short Note

Analyse the impact of 'water scarcity.'

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Water is one of the most important requirement for agriculture and also for the livestock. Water is needed for irrigating the crops; thus, water scarcity would lead to the damage of crops. Livestock is affected as the fodder (animal feed) production is also decreased due to water scarcity. Also, the domestic farms need water for its proper maintenance. So, water scarcity is a threat to both the sectors.
Water scarcity refers to the shortage of water. Its main causes are, over-use of water, usage of pesticides, emissions of waste from industries into the rivers, lack of water management, lack of water treatment plants, ignorance of people, land forms and changes in climate.

Reasons for water scarcity are given below : 

1. The main cause is the population .Population of India is so high that it is difficult to meet with the demands of water of each and everyone. 

2. Water is wasted unnecessarily in many activities like, in farms pipes are left open for many days,etc. 

3. Many of the people living in India are illiterate and so they do not understand the importance of water. 

Concept: Concept of Water Scarcity
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