“Analyse the Role of Zamindars During the Mughal Period. - History

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“Analyse the role of Zamindars during the Mughal period.

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Zamindars played an important role during the Mughal period. They were a class of landed aristocracy who collected revenue from farmers. After deducting their commission, they deposited the rest to the Indian treasury.

  1. Zamindars performed various services for the state known as khidmat. They also had vast stretches of land known as milkiyat. They could sell or mortgage these lands at will.
  2. They also controlled military resources in Mughal India. They could maintain a cavalry, artillery and infantry. They also had the power to build forts. This increased their power and reputation in the mediaeval period.
  3. They occupied the apex position in the social system in India as they were a class of landed aristocracy.
  4. The zamindars were instrumental in colonising agricultural lands and helped the cultivators by providing them with loans. Evidences have shown that the zamindars often established local markets (haats) where peasants came to sell their produce or products.
  5. The zamindars have been known as an exploitative class; however, in certain respects, they also maintained good relations with the Indian peasantry, serving as a father-like figure. Their role in Indian agriculture has been of great importance in the mediaeval period.
Concept: Life of Zamindars, Peasants and Artisans in the Late 18th Century
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