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Analyse India’S Changing Relationship with Post-communist Russia. - Political Science

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Analyse India’s changing relationship with post-Communist Russia.

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India has maintained a strong and healthy relation with Russia. India’s relations with Russia are an important aspect of India’s foreign policy. Indo–Russian relations are embedded in a history of trust and common interests and are matched by popular perceptions.

1. Common view on the multipolar world order:- For both these countries, multipolar world order is the coexistence of several powers in the international system, collective security, greater regionalism, negotiated settlements of international conflicts, an independent foreign policy for all countries and decision making through bodies like the UN which should be strengthened, democratised and empowered.

2. India's stand towards Russia:- India gets meaningful benefits for having healthy relations with Russia on the issues such as Kashmir, energy supplies, sharing information on international terrorism, access to central Asia and balancing its relation with China.

3. Russia’s stand towards India:- Like India, Russia stands to benefit from this relationship because India is the second largest arms market for Russia. Besides, the Indian military gets most of its hardware from Russia. Because India is an oil-importing nation, Russia is important to India and has repeatedly come to India’s assistance during its oil crisis.

To meet the demands of energy, India is trying to increase its energy imports from Russia and the republics of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. This also broadened the scope for partnership and investment in oilfields. India has also strengthened its relation with Russia for her nuclear energy plans and space industry. India gets the cryogenic rocket from Russia whenever it needs it.

Concept: India'S Relations with Russia and Other Post-communist Countries
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