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An Organism a Which Cannot Move from One Place to Another, Makes a Simple Food B from the Substances C and D Available in the Environment. this Food is Made in the Presence of a Green Coloured Substance E Present in Organs F in the Presence of Light Energy in a Process Called G. Some of the Simple Food B Also Gets Converted into a Complex Food H for Storage Purposes. the Food H Gives a Blue-black Colour with Dilute Iodine Solution. (A) What is (I) Organism a (Ii) Food B, and (Iii) Food H? (B) What Are C and D? (C) Name (I) Green Coloured Substance E, and (Ii) Organ F. (D) What is the Process G? - Science

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An organism A which cannot move from one place to another, makes a simple food B from the substances C and D available in the environment. This food is made in the presence of a green coloured substance E present in organs F in the presence of light energy in a process called G. Some of the simple food B also gets converted into a complex food H for storage purposes. The food H gives a blue-black colour with dilute iodine solution.

(a) What is (i) organism A (ii) food B, and (iii) food H?

(b) What are C and D?

(c) Name (i) green coloured substance E, and (ii) organ F.

(d) What is the process G?

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(a) (i) Organism A is a green plant, (ii) food B is glucose and (iii) food H is starch.

(b) C is carbon dioxide and D is water.

(c) (i) The green coloured substance E is chlorophyll and (ii) organ F is a leaf.

(d) The process G is photosynthesis.

Concept: Mode of Nutrition in Plant - Autotrophic Nutrition
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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 1 Life Processes
Q 109 | Page 30
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