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An Object of Height 4.0 Cm is Placed at a Distance 24 Cm in Front of a Convex Lens of Focal Length 8 Cm. Draw a Ray Diagram to Find the Position of Image. State the Characteristics of the Image. - Physics

Short Note
An object of height 4.0 cm is placed at a distance 24 cm in front of a convex lens of focal length 8 cm. Draw a ray diagram to find the position of image. State the characteristics of the image.
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Choose a proper scale say, 4 cm = 1 cm. Mark the lens LPL' on the principal axis XX'. In front of the lens, Mark the object OA with distance OP = 24 cm and height of object OA = 4 cm.

For the object OA kept at a distance 24 cm in front of the convex lens of focal length 8 cm, the constuction of the image is shown in the figure. The distance PI of image  IB, from the lens is 12 cm. thus the distance of image is 12cm. The image is real, inverted and dimnished(size 2.0 cm).

Concept: Convex Lens
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Frank ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2
Chapter 2 Light
Exercise 2.2 | Q 5 | Page 102
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