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An Ion with Mass Number 37 Possesses One Unit of Negative Charge. If the Ion Contains 11.1% More Neutrons than the Electrons, Find the Symbol of the Ion - Chemistry

An ion with mass number 37 possesses one unit of negative charge. If the ion contains 11.1% more neutrons than the electrons, find the symbol of the ion.

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Let the number of electrons in the ion carrying a negative charge be x.


Number of neutrons present

+ 11.1% of x

x + 0.111 x

= 1.111 x

Number of electrons in the neutral atom = (x – 1)

(When an ion carries a negative charge, it carries an extra electron)

∴ Number of protons in the neutral atom = x – 1


Mass number of the ion = 37

∴ (x – 1) + 1.111x = 37

2.111x = 38

x = 18

∴The symbol of the ion is `""_17^37Cl^(-)`

Concept: Mass Number (A) or Atomic Mass
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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 2 Structure of Atom
Q 43 | Page 67
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