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An Inflated Balloon Was Pressed Against a Wall After It Has Been Rubbed with a Piece of Synthetic Cloth. It Was Found that the Balloon Sticks to the Wall. What Force Might Be Responsible for the Attraction Between the Balloon and the Wall? - Science

An inflated balloon was pressed against a wall after it has been rubbed with a piece of synthetic cloth. It was found that the balloon sticks to the wall. What force might be responsible for the attraction between the balloon and the wall?

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On rubbing an inflated balloon with a piece of synthetic cloth, it becomes charged. A charged body attracts an uncharged body. When this charged balloon is pressed against a wall, it sticks to the wall. The force acting between the charged balloon and the wall is the electrostatic force.

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NCERT Class 8 Science Textbook
Chapter 11 Force and Pressure
Q 7 | Page 143
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