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An Induced Current is Produced When a Magnet is Moved into a Coil. the Magnitude of Induced Current Does Not Depend On: (A) the Speed with Which the Magnet is Moved (B) the Number of Turns of the Coil (C) the Resistivity of the Wire of the Coil (D) the Strength of the Magnet - Physics

An induced current is produced when a magnet is moved into a coil. The magnitude of induced current does not depend on:  

(a) the speed with which the magnet is moved
(b) the number of turns of the coil
(c) the resistivity of the wire of the coil
(d) the strength of the magnet

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the resistivity of the wire of the coil
Current induced by the process of electromagnetic induction does not depend on the resistivity of wire of the coil used.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 2 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Q 34 | Page 104
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