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An Elephant Weighing 40,000 N Stands on One Foot of Area 1000 Cm2 Whereas a Girl Weighing 400 N is Standing on One 'Stiletto' Heel of Area 1 Cm2. What Pressure is Exerted on the Ground - Science

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An elephant weighing 40,000 N stands on one foot of area 1000 cm2 whereas a girl weighing 400 N is standing on one 'stiletto' heel of area 1 cm2.
What pressure is exerted on the ground by the elephant standing on one foot?

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Area of elephant’s one foot = 1,000 cm2 (1,000/10,000= 0.1m2)
Pressure = ?
Weight of the elephant = 40,000 N
`"Pressure" = "Weight"/"Area"`
= `(40,000)/0.1`
= `4 xx 10^5` Pa
Answer : Pressure exerted by one foot of elephant on the ground = `4 xx 10^5` Pa . 

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Lakhmir Singh Science Class 9 Physics
Chapter 3 Gravitation
Long Answers | Q 61.2 | Page 126
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