An Element 'X' Has Mass Number 35 and Number of Neutrons 18. Write Atomic Number and Electronic Configuration of 'X'. Also Write Group Number, Period Number and Valency of 'X'. - Science

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An element 'X' has mass number 35 and number of neutrons 18. Write atomic number and electronic configuration of 'X'. Also write group number, period number and valency of 'X'.

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Mass number of X = 35

Number of neutrons = 18

Atomic number = Mass number – Number of neutrons

= 35 – 18 = 17

Electronic configuration of X = 2, 8, 7

Group of X = 17

Period of X = 3

Valency of X = 1

Concept: Periodic Properties
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2015-2016 (March) All India Set 3

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