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An Element Crystallizes in Fcc Lattice with a Cell Edge of 300 Pm. the Density of the Element is 10.8 G Cm-3. Calculate the Number of Atoms in 108 G of the Element. - Chemistry


Answer in Brief

An element crystallizes in fcc lattice with a cell edge of 300 pm. The density of the element is 10.8 g cm-3. calculate the number of atoms in 108 g  of the element.


The volume of a unit cell 
=(300 pm)3
=(3.00 × 10-8 cm)3
= 2.7 × 10-23 cm3

 Volume of 108 g of element

= `"mass"/"density"= (108 "g")/(10.8 "cm"^-3) = 10 "cm"^3`

Number of unit cells in this volume =`(10"cm"^3)/(2.7xx10^-23 "cm"^3//"unit cell")= ( 10^24)/(2.7) "Unit cells"`

Since each FCC unit cell contains 4 atoms, therefore the total number of atoms in 108 g 4 atoms/unit cell × `10^24/2.7`unit cell

= 1.48 × 1024 atoms

Concept: Calculations Involving Unit Cell Dimensions
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