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An Electric Pole is 10 M High. a Steel Wire Tied to Top of the Pole is Affixed at a Point on the Ground to Keep the Pole up Right. If the Wire Makes an Angle of 45° with the Horizontal Through the Foot of the Pole, Find the Length of the Wire. - Mathematics

An electric pole is 10 m high. A steel wire tied to the top of the pole is affixed at a point on the ground to keep the pole upright. If the wire makes an angle of 45° with the horizontal through the foot of the pole, find the length of the wire.

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Let AC be the wire length, hm and C be the point, makes an angle of 45°

In a triangle, ABC, given that height of the electric pole is BC = 2m and angle C = 45°

Now we have to find the length of wire.

So we use trigonometrically ratios.

In a triangle ABC,

`sin C = "Opposite side"/"Hypotenuse"`

`=> sin 45^@= 10/h`

`=> 1/sqrt2 = 10/h`

`h = 10sqrt2`

Therefore h = 14.1

Hence the length of wire is 14.1 meters

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RD Sharma Class 10 Maths
Chapter 12 Trigonometry
Exercise 12.1 | Q 4 | Page 29
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