An Electric Heater of Resistance 8 ω Draws 15 a from the Service Mains 2 Hours. Calculate the Rate at Which Heat is Developed in the Heater. - Science

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An electric heater of resistance 8 Ω draws 15 A from the service mains 2 hours. Calculate the rate at which heat is developed in the heater.

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Rate of heat produced by a device is given by the expression for power as, PI2R
Resistance of the electric heater, R= 8 Ω
Current drawn, I = 15 A

P= (15)2 x 8 = 1800 J/s

Therefore, heat is produced by the heater at the rate of 1800 J/s.

Concept: Effects of Electric Current - Heating Effect of Electric Current
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Chapter 12: Electricity - Exercises [Page 222]


NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 12 Electricity
Exercises | Q 17 | Page 222

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