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An Electric Dipole of Dipole Moment Vecp is Placed in a Uniform Electric Field Vece with Its Axis Inclined to the Field. Write an Expression for the Torque Vect Experienced by the Dipole in Vector - Physics (Theory)

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Short Note

An electric dipole of dipole moment `vecP` is placed in a uniform electric field `vecE` with its axis inclined to the field. Write an expression for the torque `vecT` experienced by the dipole in vector form. Show diagrammatically how the dipole should be kept in the electric field so that the torque acting on it is:
(i) maximum
(ii) Zero

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The torque experienced by the dipole is written as `vecT = vecP xx vecE`
(i) The torque experienced by a dipole is maximum when it is placed perpendicular to the direction of electric field as shown.

(ii) T= 0 if the dipole moments are parallel to the direction of electric field.

Concept: Dipole in a Uniform External Field
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