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An Alert Consumer is a Safe Consumer. Give Reasons to Support Your Answer. - Economics

Short Note

An alert consumer is a safe consumer.
Give reasons to support your answer.

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A consumer should be aware of his rights and should discharge his responsibilities like a good citizen. Thus when he is alert he is always safe. To show his alertness, he must perform the following responsibilities:

  1. Quality Conscious—He must be quality conscious so that the problems of adulteration, defective goods, and spurious goods are eradicated.
  2. Not to be Misled by False Advertisements—Sometimes, advertisements are fraudulent or exaggerate facts. The consumers should not be misled by such fraudulent advertisements.
  3. Obtain Cash Memo—A consumer should insist on obtaining a cash memo while buying goods and services. It is the proof of purchase and is required for lodging a complaint against the seller.
Concept: Rise of Consumer Awareness
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