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Explain the Process of Amplitude Modulation. - CBSE (Science) Class 12 - Physics

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Explain the process of amplitude modulation.


Amplitude Modulation: Amplitude modulation is produced by varying the amplitude of the carrier waves in accordance with the amplitude of the modulating wave.

Let the carrier wave be c(t) = Acsinωct and the modulating signal be m(t) = Amsinωmwhere ω= 2πfm is the angular frequency of the message signal.

Modulated signal cm(t) is 

cm(t)=(Ac+Am sinωmt)sinωct

where μ = Am/Ais the modulation index.


ωc - ωm and ωcm are the lower side and upper side frequencies, respectively.

Production of Amplitude Modulated Wave


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Solution Explain the Process of Amplitude Modulation. Concept: Amplitude Modulation.
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