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“All We Have to Fear is Fear Itself”. Have You Ever Had a Fear that You Have Now Overcome? Share Your Experience with Your Partner. - English Core

Answer in Brief

“All we have to fear is fear itself”. Have you ever had a fear that you have now overcome? Share your experience with your partner.

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Directions:- Everyone has some or other fear that has been overcome. Think about one such experience from your life. It may be anything associated to activities that you now engage in with ease but were scared earlier. Driving, skating, public-speaking, participating in a competition or overcoming stage fear are some examples.

After you have found one such example from your life, recollect the reason it bothered or frightened you. Recollect the efforts you and/or other people put in to help you get rid of it. Discuss the detailed experience with your partner in the class. Also, discuss your feelings when you realised that you have overcome the fear entirely.


Guidelines/directions have been provided for students' reference. It is strongly recommended that students prepare the answer on their own.

Concept: Writing Skill
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NCERT Textbook for Class 12 English Flamingo
Chapter 3.1 DEEP WATER
Talking about the text | Q 1 | Page 30
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