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All Frogs Are Amphibians. All Amphibians Are Not Frogs. Aii Amphibians Are Cold-blooded. Aii Frogs Lay Eggs. All Amphibians Lay Eggs. Frogs Are Cold-blooded. - Logical Reasoning

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The question contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. Choose the set, which gives the most logical triad. i.e. the third statement mentioned should be a conclusion drawn from the first two statements.


  1. All frogs are amphibians.
  2. All amphibians are not frogs.
  3. AII amphibians are cold-blooded.
  4. AII frogs lay eggs.
  5. All amphibians lay eggs.
  6. Frogs are cold-blooded.


  • I, III, VI

  • I, IV, VI

  • I, II, V

  • II, V, IV

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I, III and VI are logically related.
When‘All frogs are amphibians’ and ‘All amphibians are cold-blooded’, thus ‘All frogs are cold-blooded’ is logically correct.

Concept: Analytical and Logical Reseasoning
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