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Write Mechanism of Aldol Addition Reaction. - HSC Science (Computer Science) 12th Board Exam - Chemistry

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Write mechanism of Aldol addition reaction.

Explain the mechanism of aldol addition reaction


Aldol addition reaction:-

'Aldol' is an abbreviation of aldehyde and alcohol. When the enolate of an aldehyde or a ketone reacts at the α-carbon with the carbonyl of another molecule under basic or acidic conditions to obtain β-hydroxy aldehyde or ketone, the reaction is called an aldol reaction.

Step I: Base OH− ion abstracts a hydrogen atom from an α-carbon of aldehyde to form carbanion.

Step II: The nucleophilic carbanion or enolate ion attacks the electrophilic carbonyl carbon of the second aldehyde molecule to form an intermediate alkoxide ion. A new C–C bond is formed.

Step III: Alkoxide ion abstracts a hydrogen ion from water to form β-hydroxy aldehyde. Base OH− ion is regenerated.

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Solution Write Mechanism of Aldol Addition Reaction. Concept: Aldehydes and Ketones - Reactivity of Alpha Hydrogen in Aldehydes.
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