Karnataka Board PUCPUC Science 2nd PUC Class 12

After Watching a Programme on Tv About the Adverse Effects of Junk Food and Soft Drinks on the Health of School Children, Sonali, a Student of Class Xii, Discussed the Issue with the School Principal. - Chemistry


After watching a programme on TV about the adverse effects of junk food and soft drinks on the health of school children, Sonali, a student of Class XII, discussed the issue with the school principal. Principal immediately instructed the canteen contractor to replace the fast food with the fibre and vitamins rich food like sprouts, salad, fruits etc. This decision was welcomed by the parents and the students. 

After reading the above passage, answer the following questions:

(a) What value are expressed by Sonali and the Principal of the school?

(b) Give two examples of water-soluble vitamins.



(a) The values showed by Sonali are awareness regarding adverse effect of junk food and concern for the health of her school mates.

The value showed by the principal is responsible behavior in listening to Sonali’s views and taking prompt action in replacing junk food with healthy food.

(b) The water soluble vitamins are vitamin B-complex and vitamin C.

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