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After the Examinations Rakesh with His Friends Went on a Picnic to a Nearby Park. All Friends Carried Cooked Food Packed in Plastic Bags Or Plastic Cans. After Eating the Food Some Friends Collected the Leftover Food and Plastic Bags Etc and Planned to Dispose Them off by Burning. - Science

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After the examinations Rakesh with his friends went on a picnic to a nearby park. All friends carried cooked food packed in plastic bags or plastic cans. After eating the food some friends collected the leftover food and plastic bags etc and planned to dispose them off by burning. Rakesh immediately checked them and suggested to segregate the leftover food and peels of fruits from the plastic materials and respectively dispose them off separately in the green and red dustbins placed in the corner of the park.

(a) In your opinion, is burning plastic an ecofriendly method of waste disposal? Why? State the advantage of method suggested by Rakesh.

(b) How can we contribute in maintaining the parks and roads neat and clean?

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(a) Burning plastic is not an eco-friendly method of waste disposal because it causes air pollution by producing harmful gases. Rakesh's method of waste disposal is advantageous as the leftover food and peels of fruits are biodegradable material and can serve as manure, whereas plastic bags and cans should be disposed of in blue dustbins as they are non-biodegradable and can be recycled manually; thus, keeping the environment clean.

(b) We can keep the parks and roads clean by

  • throwing the biodegradable waste in green dustbins and the non-biodegradable waste in blue dustbins
  • stopping people from spitting on roads and parks
Concept: Waste Separation Exercise
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