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Solution for Give Four Adaptations in Flowers Pollinated by Insects. - ISC (Arts) Class 12 - Biology (Theory)

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Give four adaptations in flowers pollinated by insects.


Adaptations in flowers pollinated by insects :

  • Large and brightly coloured petals, scent or nectar.
  • Small flowers (eg. Asteraceae) grouped into conspicuous in  florescence to attract insects.
  • Emission of strong odour at night. e.g. Cestrum nocturnum - Queen of night
  • Pollengrains are sticky or have spinous outgrowths on the exine.
  • The stigmas are also sticky.
  • Position of antners and stigma are such that insects while visiting the flower for food (pollen, nectar etc) get dusted with pollen grains and when the same insect visits another flower its body  comes in contact with the stigma of that flower with almost  unerring certainty.
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Solution for question: Give Four Adaptations in Flowers Pollinated by Insects. concept: Adaptive Radiation. For the courses ISC (Arts), ISC (Science), ISC (Commerce)