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Account for the Following: Ethylamine is Soluble in Water Whereas Aniline is Not. - Chemistry

Account for the following:

Ethylamine is soluble in water whereas aniline is not.

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Solution 1

Ethylamine is soluble in water whereas aniline is not:

Ethylamine when added to water forms intermolecular H−bonds with water. Hence, it is soluble in water.

But aniline does not undergo H−bonding with water to a very large extent due to the presence of a large hydrophobic −C6H5 group. Hence, aniline is insoluble in water.

Solution 2

Ethylamine dissolves in water due to intermolecular H-bonding. However, in case of aniline, due to the large hydrophobic part, i.e., hydrocarbon part, the extent of H-bonding is very less therefore aniline is insoluble in water.

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NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 13 Amines
Q 3.2 | Page 400
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