‘Accent Electronics Ltd.’ Was Operating Its Business in Malaysia. the Company Started Exporting Its Products to India When the Prime Minister Announced Relaxation in Import Duties on Electronic Items. - Business Studies


‘Accent Electronics Ltd.’ was operating its business in Malaysia. The company started exporting its products to India when the Prime Minister announced relaxation in import duties on electronic items. The company appointed retailers in India who had direct on-line links with the suppliers to replenish stocks when needed.

Identify and explain the dimensions of business environment discussed in the above case.



Following are the dimensions of business environment that are being referred in the given case.

1. Economic environment- “Company started exporting its products to India” Explanation- Economic environment includes the effect of changes in the interest rates, levels of income, stock market fluctuations etc. Example- An increase in imports leads to a fall in the price of domestic currency and vice- versa

2. Legal environment – “Prime minister allowed relaxation in import duties on electronic items” Explanation- Legal environment refers to all the legal rules and procedures set up by the government to monitor the business activities of an enterprise. To cope with the dynamic business environment, management must know the ways to deal with different fluctuations in legal environment.

Concept: Dimensions of Business Environment - Macro
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A recent rate cut in the interest on loans announced by the Banks encouraged Amit, a science student of Progressive School to take a loan from State Bank of India to experiment and develop cars to be powered by fuel produced from garbage. He developed such a car and exhibited it in the Science Fair organised by Directorate of Education. He was awarded first prize for his invention.

Identify and explain the dimensions of business environment discussed in the above case.

With change in the consumption habits of people. Neelesh, who was running, a sweets shop shifted to chocolate business. On the eve of Diwali he offered chocolates in attractive packages at reasonable prices. He anticipated huge demand and created a website chocolove.com for taking orders online. He got lot of orders online and earned huge profit by selling chocolates.

Identify and explain the dimensions of business environment discussed in the above case.

How would you characterize business environment? Explain  with examples, the difference between general and specific environment.

What is meant by Macro Environment?

What is the social environment? Enumerate any three components of the social environment. 

Enumerate the components of the macro environment of a business concern.

State two components of the legal environment of a business concern.

Celebration of Diwali is the example of ________.

The trend of health and fitness has created a demand for products like gyms, bottled mineral water, and food supplements, etc., these are the example of ________.

Booking of Railway tickets through the internet from home or office is an example of ________.

Which of the following is an example of social environment?

With the introduction of Photostat Machines in the market, the carbon paper industry was adversely affected. Which component of environment was responsible for it?

“The nature of the relationship of our country with foreign countries”, is a major element of which of the following components of the Business Environment?

As part of regulations to be followed by advertisers, the advertisement for a new brand of baby food for infants provides important information for potential buyers that it is “Not recommended for infants under the age of four months”. Which dimension of the business environment is highlighted in the above statement?

Aiming to revive Jammu and Kashmir’s attraction as a top location for film shooting the J&K film policy, 2021 offers a host of incentives to the filmmakers, such as subsidies and low long term interest rates, for films with patriotic and certain other themes shot in J&K, for giving work opportunities to local artists, etc. This will have an impact on business enterprises in the state. Which component of business environment is highlighted above?

Mohammad Kanjiwal, a beekeeper since April 2021 is now part of the growing tribe of at least 50 urban dwellers across Maharashtra raising bees and harvesting honey in their balconies, rooftops and back gardens. As he had been focussed on eating right the thought of domesticating honey bees to promote healthy consumption habits and seeing honey being cultivated right before his eyes was mesmerising for him. Identify the factor constituting the general environment being discussed above.

Alo a mobility platform is in the process of laying off 400-500 employees in a move aimed at driving cost efficiency. Which objective of management will the firm not be able to achieve by carrying out this process.

With a revolution taking place in the manufacturing of mobile phones with super class cameras, the business of cameras in the consumer market has taken a hit. Studies show that mobile phone photography has devastated the camera industry.

The dimension of business environment highlighted in the above case is:

'Digilocker' is a flagship initiative of ‘Ministry of Electronics and IT’, Government of India. It aims at digital empowerment of the citizens by providing access to authentic digital documents such as academic certificates issued by different Examination Boards, Driving Licenses, Vehicle registrations, etc. in a digital format.

The above para discusses a few dimensions of Business Environment.

Identify the correct dimensions from the following:

With the presence of women in the workforce, there has been a shift towards formal wear, increased demand of electronic gadgets and increase in demand of cosmetics.

The related dimension of business environment referred in the above lines is ______.

Which one of the following is NOT a component of the legal environment?

What is meant by technological environment?

Explain any two components of the Technological Environment.


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