Solution - Ac Voltage Applied to a Series Lcr Circuit



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Define 'quality factor' of resonance in a series LCR circuit. What is its SI unit?


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A voltage V = V0 sin ωt is applied to a series LCR circuit. Derive the expression for the average power dissipated over a cycle. Under what condition (i) no power is dissipated even though the current flows through the circuit, (ii) maximum power is dissipated in the circuit?

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A series LCR circuit is connected across an a.c. source of variable angular frequency 'ω'. Plot a graph showing variation of current 'i' as a function of 'ω' for two resistances R1 and R2 (R1 > R2).

Answer the following questions using this graph :

(a) In which case is the resonance sharper and why?

(b) In which case in the power dissipation more and why?

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In a series LCR circuit, VL = VC ≠ VR. What is the value of power factor?

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In a series LCR circuit connected to an a.c. source of voltage v = vmsinωt, use phasor diagram to derive an expression for the current in the circuit. Hence, obtain the expression for the power dissipated in the circuit. Show that power dissipated at resonance is maximum

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