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Solution for Derive Van’T Hoff General Solution Equation - HSC Science (Electronics) 12th Board Exam - Chemistry

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Derive van’t Hoff general solution equation


Let ‘V’ be the volume of a dilute solution at an absolute temperature T containing ‘W’ grams of a substance with molecular mass ‘M’.
Number of moles of the substance, n = W/M
Concentration of the solution, C = n/V
At constant temperature, by van’t Hoff’s law
π ∝ C
At constant concentration of the solution, by van’t Hoff–Charles law
π ∝ T
Therefore,π ∝ CT
π = CRT
Where R = gas constant
This is called the van’t Hoff general solution equation.
Since C = n/V
π = n R T/V
Therefore, π V = n R T
Since n = W/M
Therefore, π V = WR T/M

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Solution for question: Derive Van’T Hoff General Solution Equation concept: Abnormal Molar Masses. For the courses HSC Science (Electronics), HSC Science (Computer Science), HSC Science (General)
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