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Aarushi Sold 100 Lottery Tickets in Which 5 Tickets Carry Prizes. If Priya Purchased a Ticket, What is the Probability of Priya Winning a Prize? - Mathematics


Aarushi sold 100 lottery tickets in which 5 tickets carry prizes. If Priya purchased a ticket, what is the probability of Priya winning a prize?


  • \[\frac{19}{20}\]

  • \[\frac{1}{25}\]

  • \[\frac{1}{20}\]

  • \[\frac{17}{20}\]

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 100 lottery tickets were sold in which 5 tickets carry prize

TO FIND: Probability of Priya winning a prize

Total number of tickets is100

Total number of prize carrying tickets is 5 

`"We know that PROBABILITY "= "Number of favourable event"/"Total number of event"` 

Hence probability of Priya winning a prize is equal to `5/100=1/20`

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RD Sharma Class 10 Maths
Chapter 16 Probability
Q 17 | Page 37
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