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A Woman with Blood Group O Married a Man with Blood Group Ab Shows the Possible Blood Groups of the Progeny. List the Alleles Involved in this Inheritance. - Biology (Theory)

A woman with blood group O married a man with blood group AB shows the possible blood groups of the progeny. List the alleles involved in this inheritance.

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Women with Blood group O married a man with Blood group AB

Hence the genotype of parents are

Mother - `I^OI^O`

Father – `I^A I^B`

Using the punnet square method, the possible blood groups in the progeny are as follows:

  `I^O` `I^O`
`I^A` `I^A I^O` `I^A I^O 
`I^B` `I^BI^O` `I^BI^O` 

Hence the possible genotype are – `I^A I^O` and `I^BI^O`

possible phenotype are – Blood group A and Blood group B.

Concept: Deviations from Mendelism - Incomplete Dominance, Co-dominance, Multiple Alleles and Inheritance of Blood Groups, Pleiotropy
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