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A Woman _______ (1) __________ (Take) to Hospital After Her Car Collided with a Lorry Near Noida Yesterday. She ________(2) _________ (Allow) Home Later After Treatment. the Road __________ (15) - English Language

Fill in the Blanks

Read the following newspaper report and. put the verbs in brackets into the most suitable form. indicate your choice in the provided box.

A woman _______ (1) __________ (take) to hospital after her car collided with a lorry near Noida yesterday. She ________(2) _________ (allow) home later after treatment. The road __________ (3) _________ (block) for an hour after the accident, and traffic had to ________ (4) ___________ (divert). A police inspector said afterwords: ' The woman was lucky. She could _________ (5) _________(kill).

1) (a) is taken, (b) took, (c) was taken, (d) take.
2) (a) allow, (b) is allowed, (c) allowed, (d) was allowed
3) (a) was blocked, (b) block, (c) is blocked, (d) be blocked
4) (a) diverted, (b) be diverted, (c) was diverted, (d) is diverted
5) (a) was killed, (b) have been killed, (c) killed, (d) kill

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1) c
2) d
3) a
4) b
5) b

Concept: Fill in the Blanks (Entrance Exams)
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