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(A) Who Does 'Me' Stand For? (B) How Does 'Me' Feel? (C) Who is 'Me' Compared To? (D) Which Word in the Extract Means Opposite of 'Sorrowfully'? - English - Language and Literature

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Answer in Brief

Read of the following passage and answer the questions:

When I casually mentioned this to a friend, he casually replied that I had better get one in the Tigris marshes, for there they were as common as mosquitoes, and were often tamed by the Arabs. We were going to Basra to the Consulate-General to collect and answer our mail from Europe. At the Consulate-General we found that my friend's mail had arrived but that mine had not.

Questions :

(a) What was 'they'?

(b) Where could the author get 'one'?

(c) Find the exact word from the extract which means 'domesticated.'

(d) What did the author find at the Consulate-General?

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(a) ‘They’ refers to Camusfearna.

(b) The author could better get one in the Tigris marshes.

(c) The other word for domesticated is tamed.

(d) At the Consulate-General they found that the author’s friend’s mail had arrived but his hadn’t.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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