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A) What is Clean Technology ? B) Why is It Essential to Ban Plastic Bags? - Science and Technology 2

a) What is clean technology ?
b) Why is it essential to ban plastic bags?

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a) The clean technology is the control over air pollution, soil pollution and water pollution with the help of microbes.
b) There is extensive use of plastic bags.
i) Even after many years, plastic is not decomposed and the contents in it do not dissolve leads to soil pollution.
ii) Plastic bags thrown in drains obstruct the flow of streams, stagnant sewage water is a cause of many diseases.
iii) The plastic bags are eaten by the cattle can lead to stomach cancer.
iv) The poisonous gas mixes in the environment by burning plastic bags. Due to many such hazardous consequences, plastic bags should be banned.

Concept: Clean Technology
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