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A Train Starting from Rest Moves with a Uniform Acceleration of 0.2 M/S2 for 5 Minutes. Calculate the Speed Acquired and the Distance Travelled in this Time. - Science

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Short Note

A train starting from rest moves with a uniform acceleration of 0.2 m/s2 for 5 minutes. Calculate the speed acquired and the distance travelled in this time.

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We have to find the distance travelled as well as final velocity of the train. We have the following information given,
Initial velocity, (u) = 0 m/s
Acceleration for the entire journey, (a) = 0.2 m/s2 
Time taken,
(t) = (5) (60) s
     = 300 s
So, we can find the final velocity using the relation,
v = u + at
Therefore, final velocity of the train is,
v = 0 + (0.2)(300)
   = 60 m/s
We can calculate the distance travelled by the train, using the 2nd equation of motion,
`s = ut + 1/2at^2`
Put the values in above equation to find the distance travelled,
`(s) = 0(300) + 1/2(0.2)(300)^2`
= (9000) m
= 9 km

Concept: Measuring the Rate of Motion - Speed with Direction
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Lakhmir Singh Science Class 9 Physics
Chapter 1 Motion
Short Answers | Q 26 | Page 41

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