A Time Period of a Particle in Shm Depends on the Force Constant K And Mass M Of the Particle: `T = 2pi Sqrt(M/K)` A Simple Pendulum Executes Shm Approximately. Why Then is the Time - Physics


Answer the following questions:

A time period of a particle in SHM depends on the force constant and mass of the particle: `T = 2pi sqrt(m/k)` A simple pendulum executes SHM approximately. Why then is the time 



Solution 1

The time period of a simple pendulum, `T = 2pi sqrt(m/k)`

For a simple pendulum, k is expressed in terms of mass m, as: `k prop m` 

`m/k =` Constant

Hence, the time period T, of a simple pendulum is independent of the mass of the bob.


Solution 2

In case of a spring, k does not depend upon m. However, in case of a simple pendulum, k is directly proportional to m and hence the ratio m/k is constant quantity

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