A Three-wheeler Scooter Charges Rs 15 for First Kilometer and Rs 8 Each for Every Subsequent Kilometer. for a Distance of X Km, an Amount of Rs Y is Paid. Write the Linear Equation Representing the a - Mathematics

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A three-wheeler scooter charges Rs 15 for first kilometer and Rs 8 each for every subsequent
kilometer. For a distance of x km, an amount of Rs y is paid. Write the linear equation
representing the above information.

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Total fare of Rs y for covering distance of x kilometers is given by

    ` y = 15 + 8  (x - 1)`

 ⇒ `y = 15 + 8x - 8`

 ⇒  `y = 8x + 7 `

This is the required linear equation for the given information

Concept: Solution of a Linear Equation
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 7 Linear Equations in Two Variables
Exercise 7.3 | Q 3

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