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A Thief Was Caught in Your Neighbourhood. Write a Short Report About the Incident to the Local Newspaper. - English

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(b) A thief was caught in your neighbourhood. Write a short report about the incident to the local newspaper.


An ex-student of your school received an award for his information documentary film. He has been invited to the school for felicitation. You, as the Head boy, have been asked to interview him. Frame 10 questions to interview him.

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Thief outwitted by the silent alarm

Ruckus ensured when a thief was apprehended by the traders at Bougainvillea Marg yesterday. The area is well known for its jewellery shops and has experienced thefts in the past. Three jewellers and a mobile store owner have been robbed in the course of 3 months.
Mr Rajat Zaveri was settling his accounts when a stranger armed with a switchblade entered the shop at 10 p.m. The man then ordered him to sit still while he emptied the shelves. Initially, Mr Zaveri did as he was told; he later switched on a silent alarm and alerted the other shopkeepers nearby. Within five minutes, not only did they notify the police but also beat the thief black and blue. The accused was identified as Sajjan Singh, an unemployed youth who indulged in petty thievery. The police believe that he may have some information about the series of robberies that had taken place at Bougainvillaea Marg.

By Staff Reporter


Q. i. What made you take up a career in filmmaking?
Q. ii. Can you tell us about your experiences shooting this film?
Q. iii. Why did you choose such a topic?
Q. iv. What message do you wish to give the viewers through this documentary?
Q. v. Did you expect to clinch an award for your film?
Q. vi. What are your fondest memories of your alma mater?
Q. vii. Who was your inspiration in school?
Q. viii. What advice would you give someone who wants to make a career in filmmaking?
Q. ix. Do you have any words of wisdom for your fans at this school?
Q. x. Where do you see yourself 10 years from today?

Concept: Writing Skill
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