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A Thickened Underground Stem X of a Plant Which is Swollen with Stored Food Has a Number of Points Y on Its Surface. When the Old Stem X is Planted in the Soil of a Field in the Next Growing Season, Then Each Point Y Present on Its Surface Grows into a New Plant. (A) What is the General Name of the Underground Stems like X? (B) Give One Example of X. (C) What Are Points Y Present on X Known As? (D) is It Necessary to Plant the Whole of Stem X in the Ground to Obtain Its New Plants? Explain Your Answer. (E) What is the Name of this Method of Reproduction of Plants? (F) What is the Advantage of Growing New Plants from the Underground Stems like X? - Science

A thickened underground stem X of a plant which is swollen with stored food has a number of points Y on its surface. When the old stem X is planted in the soil of a field in the next growing season, then each point Y present on its surface grows into a new plant.

(a) What is the general name of the underground stems like X?
(b) Give one example of X.
(c) What are points Y present on X known as?
(d) Is it necessary to plant the whole of stem X in the ground to obtain its new plants? Explain your answer.
(e) What is the name of this method of reproduction of plants?
(f) What is the advantage of growing new plants from the underground stems like X?

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(a) Tuber is the general name of those underground stems like X.

(b) Potato is an example of X.

(c) The points Y present on X are known as buds.

(d) No, it is not necessary to plant the entire stem X in the ground. This stem has many buds (Y) on it that form the vegetative organ of reproduction.

(e) This method of reproduction is termed as vegetative propagation.

(f) The main advantage of this method is that it is comparatively faster to growing plants from seeds.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 3 How do Organisms Reproduce?
Q 88 | Page 146
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