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A Swimming Pool Has Dimensions 10 M X 26 M. at the Deep End of the Pool, the Depth is 4.4 M and It Uniformly Decreases Till the Shallow End with a Depth of 1.6 M What is the Volume of the Pool (In M3) - Mathematics


Solve the following question and mark the best possible option.
A swimming pool has dimensions 10 m x 26 m. At the deep end of the pool, the depth is 4.4 m and it uniformly decreases till the shallow end with a depth of 1.6 m What is the volume of the pool (in m3)? (in numerical value).


  • 780

  • 760

  • 720

  • 790

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The sloping bottom of the pool will form a trapezium with parallel sides 4.4 and 1.6 and height as the length of the pool = 26.
The area of this trapezium is `1/2 (4.4 + 1.6) xx 26` = 78. So the volume of the pool will be 78 x 10 = 780 m3.
Alternate solution: Since the depth is uniform, the average depth = `(1.6 + 4.4)/2` = 3 m. Hence volume = 10 × 26 × 3 = 780 m3.

Concept: Area and Volume (Entrance Exam)
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